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4 août 2011 4 04 /08 /août /2011 19:24

CHS/DAI Joint Fellowships

The Center for Hellenic Studies and the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut will offer two jointly sponsored fellowships for postdoctoral research for the 2012-13 academic year.  These fellowships aim to forge professional ties between scholars in the United States and Germany, promote the creative use of information technology as a vehicle for new modes of research and teaching, and support scholarly work that integrates research on the documentary evidence surviving from the ancient world and the archaeological record.  The term of the fellowship will be 38 weeks. The fellows will reside in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland ("BRD") during the period that approximately coincides with the winter semester and spend the rest of the academic year in the United States ("US"). For the 2012-2013 academic year, the recipients will begin their fellowships at the CHS campus in Washington D.C. in the last week of August and will reside there until the second week of October. They will then travel to the BRD and reside there until the end of February. The DAI will determine where the fellows will reside and work during their time in the BRD. At the beginning of March, they will return to the CHS in Washington for the remainder of their fellowships, which will conclude in third week of May. The fellows will receive an appointment for the academic year (September to May) with full access to the resources of the Harvard library system and the DAI libraries in Berlin. Fellows will receive a stipend consisting of two different parts from the CHS and the DAI: a stipend of $17,000 by the CHS and 10,353.66  by the DAI, distributed in monthly installments during their stay in Germany and the US, health insurance, housing, travel to and from the DAI and CHS, a fund for research expenses, and a laptop computer suitable for each fellow's research needs during the term of the fellowship. As members of the scholarly community at the CHS, all fellows will regularly document the evolution of their projects and share their work in progress. Fellows will present the outcomes of their research and solicit feedback through (1) online publication and (2) a webcast symposium to be held in the spring.  During their stay at the DAI the fellows (1) will present their research project in the course of lectures "Archäologie digital" and (2) document the work progress in monthly reports. Prerequisites for fellowships are a Ph.D. degree (or its equivalent) and professional competence as documented by published work in the study of ancient Greece or societies that interacted with the ancient Greeks. The fellowships are NOT restricted to citizens of the US and BRD but are open to scholars of any nationality. The deadline for submissions is October 21, 2011.  Recommendation letters are due by October 28, 2011.  Please visit the CHS website for additional information <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=gz7cl9dab&et=1105091273464&s=1009&e=001eF7fQvxWkVEIeWVVIxh83NQslpNPBcrmt-iUNhBOG8WZJdY0HnNP9n4RjNv9lxEfFX29rZ56moVqFlp-ZtIsq_F9tuTh5kjprMwOil_WLfnL03u04E3TQNUPzLcmTf8K7QsaX8QYwPyox1jcsp3fs5KfcyNgRDZy5WC4rqLGZLLnKMwnSs97WY0_gG>  .   

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